Got scammed on the net? You're not alone

Internet fraud doubled in cost last 2009 to about $560 million. Which means that we should be more vigilant with whom we trust especially on the world wide web. Always remember to not ever give out any personal and financial information over anonymous emails. It is a given fact that legitimate companies will only ask for personal information from you once and that is when you sign up with them.

The amounts taken from unsuspecting victims range from around $30 to $100,000. Regardless of the amount being asked and the promised return of your investment always make a background check first or research about the offer on Google.

Reports say that complaints increased up to 20% last 2009 totaling to about 300,000 complaints 16% of which involves scams falsely using the FBI's name. The most common of which is through email, as I stated before, always remember to never give any information over emails to persons you don't personally. Be wary even to persons you have just met.

For example, one popular scam last year involved a phone pitch made by someone who sounded a lot like President Barack Obama. The recorded message told people to visit a Web site to get government stimulus money. When victims who visited the site entered personal information and paid $28 in fees, they were promised a big stimulus check, but got nothing.


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